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The Teach Tour has just solidified a partnership with Gray Matters Capital, the foundation leg based in India of Gray Ghost Ventures, investment firm based in Atlanta headed up by none other than the incredible Bob Patillo. We are attending the Gray Matters Capital Enterprising Schools Symposium for the upcoming 2 days in Hyderabad, creating the most aggressive, comprehensive “conversation map” that we can in the education for low income space.

Here’s an example:

Conversation Maps are neither time or geographically bound. They can be moved from location to location to ensure many separated perspectives are captured. The Teach Tour will be publicly displaying a number of similar conversation maps with varying trigger words such as “Teachers are not appropriately trained in child-centric learning” or “Impact Measurement tools are lacking” or “Teachers are not motivated.” Participants will be able to walk up to the physical version of this map and add their comments to any portion of the conversation, creating new themes, or adding their perspectives to existing themes.

Conversation Maps can make the following contribution to work on an intractable problem:

1. articulate different perspectives of a situation and the interaction (relationships) between the several perspectives that are captured.

2. generate an opportunity for all stakeholders to understand the different perspectives of a situation and to modify their personal understanding in the light of others perspective

3. provide and opportunity for all stakeholders to mutually identify emergent properties of the problematic situation that were not previously available and which may be the basis for new probes to explore and improve the situation.