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David Kyle

Founder of the Indian School Finance Company; Former Chief Investment Officer and COO of Acumen Fund

David KyleDavid has just moved back to the US after living in Hyderabad for the past three years where he founded the Indian School Finance Company, a for-profit finance company that provides medium term debt capital to private schools serving low-income families. The company now has 2 branches, a staff of 45 and a portfolio of well over 100 schools financed. Prior to moving to India, David spent 4 years as Chief Investment Officer and COO of New York-based Acumen Fund where he led the build out of the firm in South Asia and East Africa. Prior to joining Acumen David had served as Chief Advisor to the CEO of the London-headquartered Save the Children Alliance, responsible for establishing new, local agencies of Save the Children in Argentina and Brazil. During the first part of his career David spent 20 years with Citibank in Brazil, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 6 in Lisbon, Portugal where he built a full service commercial and investment bank followed by 3 years in London where he led the development of Citibank’s first intranet client management system in the late 1990s.


Paul Polak

Founder of International Development Enterprises; Founder of D-Rev: Design for the Other 90%; Founder of Windhorse International, Enabled 17 million people to move out of poverty.

Dr. Paul Polak isn’t your everyday global poverty fighter. A 77-year old former psychiatrist, Dr. Polak has spoken to over 3,000 people earning less than $1/day a day. These conversations taught him that these impoverished people are actually viable entrepreneurs and consumers. Based on this principle, he founded International Development Enterprises (IDE), which has provided over 17 million people affordable agricultural technologies and enabled them to move out of poverty. After 25 years at the helm of IDE, Dr. Polak turned over leadership of the organization and is now focusing on fomenting two revolutions to end poverty: one in design and one in big business. The first, executed by his non-profit D-Rev: Design for the Other 90%, aims to reverse the fact that the world’s best designers spend 90% of their time serving the interests of the richest 10% of customers. The second, led by his new for-profit venture Windhorse International, aims to demonstrate how big businesses can profitably design and market their products and services to $1-$2/day customers. Practical solutions that work as well as stories about $1/day farmers are outlined in his book Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail. His work has been recognized by the likes of the Scientific American Top Fifty Award (2003) and the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award (2004).


Kentaro Toyama

Co-Founder of Microsoft Research India; Co-Founder of IEEE ICTD Conference

Kentaro Toyama is a visiting researcher in the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. Until 2009, he was assistant managing director of Microsoft Research India, which he co-founded in 2005. At MSR India, he started the Technology for Emerging Markets research group, which conducts interdisciplinary research to understand how the world’s poorer communities interact with electronic technology and to invent new ways for technology to support their socio-economic development. He co-founded the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD) to provide a global platform for rigorous academic research in this field. Prior to his time in India, Kentaro did computer vision and multimedia research at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA, USA and Cambridge, UK, and taught mathematics at Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana. Kentaro graduated from Yale with a PhD in Computer Science and from Harvard with a bachelors degree in Physics.



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Amy B. Smith

An engineer and the founder of MIT’s innovative D-Lab, Smith, 47, is a former Peace Corps volunteer who spent parts of her childhood in India and Botswana. She’s the creator of a hammer mill that converts grain to flour and an incubator that does not require electricity. Her design philosophy is elegant: create simple machines that meet particular needs and then build them locally.

Smith is also a teacher, taking kids to Haiti and Africa, where they design pumps, bicycle parts and other gear people need. Her machines are one of her gifts to the world; the students she trains will be an even more enduring one.