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Class 100

Each colored line represents one student in Class 100. Scrolling over the lines details the specific engagement levels of each student. When the line is broken or does not contain a dot on any given day, either the student did not respond with their engagement level for that day or there was no class on that day. (No classes on weekends).

The spikes are most fascinating to watch, where a student went from being very unengaged to a day of high engagement, and likewise the reverse, where a student went from being very engaged to a day of low engagement. What happened there, why, and how can we replicate or eliminate these types of days from the student’s schooling?

Students’ voices behind the data

Orange line: Student felt very sick on Apr 26th, and thus had a low day.
Purple line: Student was confused at the start of the week, but felt much more confident and clear by the end of the first week.
Pink line: Student was bored by the video being shown in class, but felt much more engaged during lab.